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About CCCA

The Chinese Cultural Center of America (CCCA) is a multifaceted 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization combining cultural, educational and business products and services. Our vision is to promote closer cultural and trade relationships between America and China/Pacific-rim Asia.

As a non-profit organization, our goals are to:

  • Foster closer cultural and economic ties between East Asia and America
  • Provide diverse cultural offerings and vibrant quality of life in central Iowa
  • Cultivate understanding and friendship among people of diverse cultural origins
  • Contribute to Iowa’s economic development by offering a unique tourist attraction
  • Facilitate trade between Iowa and East Asia

The Chinese Cultural Center of America, an architectural showcase unlike anything the Midwest has to offer, will house exquisite art and archaeological treasures from China and East Asia. Beyond the opportunity to view the exhibits, various classes relating to East Asian culture will be available.

Additionally, the Center will help organize world-class traveling exhibitions to major museums in North America, and host leading Chinese and East Asian performances in music, dance and drama.

As the liaison and the information center for Iowa and East Asian businesses, the Center will serve as a catalyst for open-door business delegations to and from Asia, while facilitating and developing business opportunities between Iowa and the world's fastest developing East Asian market.

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